the GATE is located at the old bus station, has a prime location and lots of nostalgia of Buon Me Thuot city.

As part of our urbanization and vision to 2050, our site is defined as a landmark project—a 38-storey twin tower complex that includes hotels, villas, luxury apartments , shopping mall.

This hinge point offers panoramic views of the city, making a dramatic contribution to the plateau skyline.

Our challenge is not only to bring modern functions into the building, but also, to recreate urban spaces, parking lots, parks, urban spaces into a neighborhood that seems too small to be used. can contain.

We started by increasing the garden spaces, podiums and basements to create an expansive space, a second ground floor, close to the scale of regular streets. We can then strategically expand and study the interactions between the towers for maximum efficiency zones. The two towers simultaneously lean towards each other and away from each other.

The façade forms of the towers and the articulation of their facades mediate the inevitable contrast of scale between the two towers and the existing neighborhood.



Architect In Charge: Nguyen Hoang

Design Team: Phuong Hoang Bao Duy, Kiet Nguyen, Tien Nguyen.

GFA: 90000 m2

Landscape design: HAS 


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  • Location: Buon Me Thuot
  • Year :2023

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