We got the commission for the develop conceptual designs of the new area in Nghia Lo, Yen Bai, about 200 km far from Hanoi. The Projects description is easy : luxury Osen Resort and villa. Where very well-know for the hot natural water. But after visited the site, and we got more knowledge about the Hmong culture, the land, the context.

We decided offer our client the master plan about the forest, the new destination, new method of the mission of the center as well as ideate long term programmatic and architectural strategies. Our team held meetings and workshops with partner organizations, teenagers, parents, public officials, and civil society leaders to best determine how this facility can meet the community’s needs in the future.

The Hmong Culture Site
Actually, our team do not chose the site. The Client did. But we chose the way we want to transform the Site. It could be something more than The Hotel and resort which happen everywhere in Vietnam now. Luckily our client loves the idea. The Culture of Hmong People, who live in the area hundred years ago, brings our team the inspiration.

Know more about them, we just surprised: The young Hmong almost have no idea who are they, where they come from, they do not speak their language anymore. The Government tries to help. But nothing happens on the poor mountain. We can do it with our Museum in the heart of the project. The presentation for them, the tribute for their lost culture. With the deeply culture of hot water stream.

The River will be the strongest character of the site. Water brings live, and make people together as the family when they bath together. It is very easy to building the new project here. With street, lake and others. But seem it do not make sense. So, we just copy how the Hmong people arrange their Village. And make in bigger scale.

With the center of the area is the culture heart. Where people hang out in the old way. the second layer is landscape and the third layer is living space. We end up with mixing the second and third layer. On the large scale the green areas offer a potential for a new re-creation use.

Build the new requirement not only to local people, but also become the attractive point for everybody in Vietnam and around the world. We expect to create every Year destination in March for White Blossom Festival. And one more interesting, all the important building named with Hmob – Hmong Language. The language they do not use now.

  • Th DEJ – water
  • Nyobzoo – Hello – HMong Museum Building
  • Huab – Cloud – Restaurant
  • Ntuj – SkY – hotel
  • Hli – moon – club house
  • Xiav – Green – Villa

Replication and Impact
Key to success will be changing the central area. Frictions in the urban mountain tissue, such as poor quality of some building block in this area can be turned into new qualities by re-development of this strip. The old French hot water building keeps as historical point. By creating a new development, the interesting combinations of urban, landscape, plaza can be realized, creating an ensemble of intermediate size blocks.

The Everyyear Destination
More than just design the DEJ. We want to make the DEJ become the the destination with blossom festival. With app.15hectares white blossom the whole area would become the valuable place and attract more visitors. Absolutely the life of the Hmong in the area could be better. They could work there, live there. Source by HAS Architecture.



  • Location:Nghia Lo, Yen Bai, Vietnam
  • Architect in Charge:Nguyen Hoang, Duong Chien
  • Project architect:Tran Phan, Duy Nguyen
  • Project Team:Ha chau My Ngoc, Minh Minh, Bao Nguyen, Minh Nhat, Tung Le
  • Interior Design:Duong Chien, Duong Nguyen, Juno, Dung Nguyen ( MUTA )
  • Structure:Duytan
  • M&E:Duytan
  • Lighting:MUTA
  • Landscape design:HAS
  • Rendering:Tuan Le
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  • Location: Yen Bai
  • Customer :Thinh Dat Xanh JSC
  • Year :2017

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