NEW BAUHAUS MUSEUM | Flying Forest for Weimar

flying forest the green Pavilion, include tree and park around. New Bauhaus Museum almost become a New Forest of Weimar

traffic system re-form the traffic system , use the old road for pedestrians, public space and market, art, outdoor exhibition, cafeteria. Remind old quarter, attractive space and many activities would be there.

floating almost space on-land will be free for activities . Museum functions are on other levels

green pavilion the mix use pavilion designed from green area and out door mezzanine with different hight not only be the building, they are sculpture objects.

a new land mark the new museum will become a new land- mark of the city, not only used for the visitors , but also for citizens of Weimar.

energy thin shape and patio help building easy have daylight for space. With otherspace like gallery, cinema, studio we used BOX in the BOX to control the light. Big roof and green Pavillion include the Solar Energy System, rain and waste water colleteced for decoration pool and reuse.


Architect In Charge: Nguyen Hoang

Team: Pham Tuan, Chi Chi

GFA: 30000 m2



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  • Location: Weimar | Germany
  • Year :2015

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